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Trezor hardware

Crypto security made easy.

Get your Trezor

Go offline with Trezor

The easy way to protect, save and use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Take control of your financial future with our wallets.

Trezor Model T


Coin security with a touchscreen

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Trezor Safe 3


Passphrase & Secure Element protected

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Trezor Model One


The original hardware wallet

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Manage your crypto in Trezor Suite

Send & receive coins, track your portfolio, trade assets or pay for daily essentials directly from the app.
9000+ supported coins & tokens.
Every transaction on the app requires your explicit confirmation directly on your Trezor hardware wallet.

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All you need to know about Trezor

Why should I use a hardware wallet?

Get top-notch security and total peace of mind! Trezor hardware wallets keep your crypto safe from hackers, malware, and other threats by keeping sensitive data offline, keeping your crypto safe 24/7. With easy wallet backup, your funds are always recoverable, no matter what happens.

What is a hardware wallet?

It’s like a super secure, physical piggy bank for your cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet sends, receives, and gives you access to your crypto offline, so your private info and sensitive data stay far away from the online world.

How does a hardware wallet work?

Your hardware wallet acts like a digital vault. It handles transactions offline, ensuring your precious crypto data is safe from internet exposure. It’s the smart way to manage your cryptocurrencies.

Ready for

Own 100% of your coins with a Trezor hardware wallet. Pick a wallet that best suits your needs.
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