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Investing in Bitcoin
made easy

With Trezor Suite, investing in Bitcoin is easy and stress-free. Choose a schedule that suits you — weekly, fortnightly, or monthly — and we'll do the rest. This way, you can grow your Bitcoin savings over time, creating a financial safety net that's truly yours.

Invest in Bitcoin with DCA

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) is like planting seeds regularly in your garden. Over time, they can grow into a healthy financial tree without you needing to do much more. Here's how it helps you:

Invest on 
 terms / schedule
Avoid the 
 of timing the market
Cancel or change
your plan when needed

Did you know?

Had you invested $200 into Bitcoin every month since January 2019, you'd have spent $12,000 after 5 years. This would have helped you accumulate a total of 0.84 Bitcoin, currently valued at $52,000 (as on 1 March 2024).

Join a trusted network

Trezor Suite makes investing in Bitcoin easy. Our savings service is powered by our sister company Invity, alongside trusted partners Swan Bitcoin in the USA, and BTC Direct in Europe. Join millions of satisfied savers, enjoying the most convenient way to grow their Bitcoin assets.

Kickstart DCA with 3 easy steps

your plan

Establish your investment frequency and amount in Trezor Suite.

with Trezor

Register seamlessly with Invity in the security of your Trezor device.

your investments

Confirm your details and commence your savings plan in Bitcoin.

Frequently asked questions

What is DCA?

Investing a regular amount over time is known as dollar-cost averaging, or DCA. DCA is an investment strategy where you buy a fixed amount of an asset at a regular frequency, never putting in more than you’re comfortable with. Less experienced investors may favor DCA over a one time investment for two main reasons: to reduce the impact of volatility, and to not waste time watching the market.

Why not invest all at once?

A one-time investment leaves the value of your savings in the hands of the market, so any large downward moves will reduce the value of your assets by the same amount. With DCA, your purchase price becomes an average of all purchases over a long time, so you are less likely see large losses based on short-term price movements.

What are the fees of using DCA?

The total user fee for using DCA varies by the specific provider you used to set up your purchases. To find out the exact figure, please refer to our fully transparent schedule of fees.

The Invity fee is always included in the final price you see, however, make sure to also check for any extra fees charged by your bank or card provider.

Can I change or cancel my DCA plan?

Yes, of course, you have full control over your setup. Just head over to your account’s Save Bitcoin section, and there you can change both the amount and frequency of payments.

If you use BTC Direct and wish to cancel your investing plan altogether, simply stop sending fiat money out of your bank account. There are no penalties or extra steps required.

If you're using Swan Bitcoin, please head over to the Swan login page and enter the email you used to create your Bitcoin savings plan. You will receive a verification code into your inbox. Once logged in, simply scroll down your dashboard to My Savings Plan, and select Pause Plan.

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